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About Triangle Marketing

Triangle Marketing is quite simply a local marketing company that exists to provide businesses of any size the ability to grow through clever, strategic marketing. It is a core principle of Triangle Marketing to be as flexible as possible and provide the most cost-effective marketing solution available.

“We’re not here to sell, we’re here to help you grow.”

For years, Triangle Marketing has been able to provide a full range of marketing services, depending on what is needed at the time.

Need a website found on Google? Chat to us about search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (Google Adwords).

Want to know how to get more customers through Social Media? Our team can develop and implement a social media strategy that both attracts and retains customers.

Think you need to send more emails? An email marketing strategy is a great way to bring back customers that have already been through your doors.

Starting your business and not sure where to start? Triangle Marketing has helped businesses start and grow from the very beginning and now succeeding in their industries.

We exist to provide
cost-effective and result-driven
marketing solutions for clients

Pay Per Click

A great way to land in search results almost immediately. As the name suggests, you pay every time someone clicks on your search result so budget and audience is controlled.


Content Marketing

Content is king but a content strategy rules the roost. A strong content strategy can feed social media, SEO and more. We can help you develop from start to finish.



It’s almost a necessity for businesses to be found on Google quickly and easily. The ideology that if your business isn’t there, you just won’t get new customers rings true.


Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing working for you? Is your budget utilised effectively? Can your budget stretch further? All valid questions and form the basis of any good strategy.


Email Marketing

Repeat customers are the best customers and one way to increase the number of repeat visitors to your business is through a well-designed email marketing strategy.


Social Media

Just being on social media won’t provide results. Knowing what makes your audience tick will go some way and we’ll help you find that out!