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Sep 06
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Nostalgia is a powerful emotion

Pokemon Go has been a huge sensation globally. You’re probably well aware of how it works – Geolocation and Augmented Reality combined to both get people moving around their neighbourhood to find Pokemon. The AR then and brings the Pokemon in front of them to virtually (not literally) to be able to catch it with a Pokeball. Then there’s the Pokestops and Gyms cleverly located at physical landmarks that the players need to physically get to so they can collect items and train their Pokemon.

The technology being used isn’t exactly brand spanking new, nor is it the sole factor in why this game has become popular.

Combining this tech with one of the most popular brands/franchises/games/cards (whatever you associate it with) has allowed people to re-associate themselves with something that takes them back to their childhood. It’s no coincidence that the largest demographic of Pokemon Go players now were going through their primary and secondary schooling at the height of Pokemon in the 90’s.

The biggest factor drawing new players to the game is Nostalgia.

Who doesn’t love the thought of catching a Pikachu in your living room or local park, when it was a little over 10 years ago you would have done the same thing, albeit using a Nintendo Gameboy. It’s the memories. It’s feeling like a kid again.

What has been surprising though is that there have been reports of people using the game to get through mental and physical illnesses. People are actually getting up off the couch and moving throughout their neighbourhood. People are meeting other people. Imagine that… using a smartphone to be social!

This game has done something that entire industries have struggled to do: Change behaviours and get people moving.

Amazing how powerful Nostalgia can be. Imagine if your business was able to use Nostalgia in its next marketing campaign or product launch.

The possibilities!

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