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It’s not the newest kid on the block, but it is fast becoming the most important. Even more so when each new Facebook, and even Google, algorithm update favours content that’s more engaging. It basically means if Facebook or Google don’t think that your content is relevant… you just won’t be seen.

Content doesn’t need to be visual to be great nor does it need to be purely text. It just needs to be relevant to your audience. In most cases, a great image or video, accompanied with SEO rich copy will deliver a positive result for you. But it’s not always that simple and is why we are constantly monitoring and optimising.

So what’s stopping us? Budget, technology maybe manpower? Great content doesn’t need to be an award-winning masterpiece, it just needs to content that engages with your audience.

Get started now, and see what happens. You can even be bold and ask your audience what they want to see… You might be surprised